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Srimanthudu Telugu Full Movie Download Hd




Release: October 12, 2019. SRP: Rs. 1,500 and Rs. 1,000. The inspiration behind the movie can be traced back to a historic event in Tamil Nadu. The most prominent Tamil leader of his time, the greatest judge of his time, the tallest leader of his time - Thiru Elamangalathu Padai (Elu) Periyar (1879-1945) was born in Tirunelveli in a poor, lower caste, Christian family, with a personal opinion about his parents. His father was a shepherd in the fields and his mother a simple cook who would often feed him with a little milk. Despite of this, Elu was one of the most brilliant leaders in Tamil Nadu and a titan of Tamil politics. He is most known for his fight for social reform and the movement against casteism. He was a strict vegetarian and believed that casteism is the greatest evil in the society. He was also the first to suggest that Tamil people are all upper caste Tamils. He abhorred the practice of untouchability, both in public and private and he was instrumental in making untouchability illegal in 1921. When he started his career in politics he earned the name (Ekaaram Porul Enthathu Padai) meaning the person who has the welfare of the four castes at heart. His love and passion for justice and the nation led to the name ‘Periyar’, which means the person who can sacrifice his life for the sake of his nation. At a young age he realized the misery of life of the untouchables. Elu got married to an upper caste lady and resigned from the government service, he was fed up with corruption. He preached non-violence, he was also critical of the marriage and child-bearing and objected to dowry. He addressed all this in his books, Dravidapugazh and others. Elu’s followers were against him for years. They would have killed him. But he did not care about this. He worked tirelessly to build up his movement. In 1921 he formed a Dravidian movement called the Self-Respect Movement. He wrote books, journals, and stood for dalits and women. He criticised the exploitation of women and advocated for the education of women. He married at a young age, was in constant dialogue with his wife and kids. He gave self-respect to women, he saw



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Srimanthudu Telugu Full Movie Download Hd

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