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Women. We do hard things but we get it done.

This picture was taken by a good friend of mine as we were working. This was about two months after I had given birth to my youngest daughter and just as COVID was making it self known. I was not about to put my baby in anybody's care but my own. By

the way, my coworker thought this was just the most cutest thing. LOL

As moms, we don't always have any other choice but to make it work by any means necessary. Of course, society holds us to a higher standard. During the height of the COVID quarantine, there was a heavily circulated post about women that stated, "We expect women to work like they don't have children and raise children as if they don't work." It left me wondering to what standard do we hold ourselves? I would say level SUPERWOMAN. A level that damn near drives us insane trying to uphold. It's insane that we have this continuous thought that we have to get things done and that everything and everyone else has to be taken care of. For bonus moms, our hustle is different. In addition to holding down the house, it feels like we are in a constant continuum of trying to maintain a balance that will appease everyone while keeping a smile on our own faces, whether it's real or not. We have to learn to challenge any emotions that dare to cause separation within our blended homes or else we get that dreaded feeling of failure. Bottom line, we condition ourselves to keep it together for the sake of keeping our families together.

We are superwomen and believe it or not, we have super powers!! We have taken on the challenge of loving someone that has the ability to reject us, while learning to love them as if they came from our own womb. We try to form an unconditional bond, not because we have to but, because we want to. Being a bonus mom is a journey that goes beyond privilege. It is an honor to be trusted enough to be invited into someone else's life but, an even bigger honor to be accepted. You heard of dancing in the rain? Well this is the ultimate dance party. You have to learn how to embrace the journey and learn to ride the wave of BONUS motherhood.

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