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Finding The Blend Podcast

Hosted by:

Dominique Kight


"I am currently in a relationship where my partner and I are working to find a healthy approach to blending our families.  He has children from his previous marriage and I have a son who is now in college.  Trying to figure out when to introduce the children to each other and what our blended family will look like one day when we are all under the same roof are just a few blended conversations that come up.  Unfortunately, there isn't a rule book for blended families. However, to tune in and hear stories and suggestions from someone who has and continuously works to have a healthy functioning blended family has been a Godsent.  I love this podcast and am thankful for it!" 


"Dominique gets straight to the point and highlights a lot of the issues people are scared to address with blending families."


"Absolutely love how the conversations between Dominique and her guest flow.  Dominique asks the guests what we are all thinking.  Well-spoken yet transparent and genuine."

- The Liason 

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