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"I am a life coach that helps women increase their confidence and gain peace of mind as they navigate through the process of being within a blended family."


Themes Addressed 


FEAR | Developing strategies to approach marriage and parenting from a place of love instead of fear

SECOND MARRIAGES | Learn how to replace old habits that are stopping you from making your marriage a priority

PARENTING/BONUS PARENTING | Develop a parenting style that presents a unified front.  Strategize on how to make and keep a connection to your biological children while building a relationship with your bonus children.  Learn how to love and appreciate each child individually and on their terms


CO-PARENTING W/ EX-PARTNERS | Discover how to break negative communication with your ex and put aside personal issues for the sake of your children  


BONUS FAMILIES/EXTENDED FAMILIES | Learn how to approach your new bonus relatives and how to form a lasting bond

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